The Best Diet

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The best diet by far is one that is sustainable. The problem with fad diets is that they are too drastic for the dieters to maintain for an extended period of time. When this happens you end up losing the momentum you need for your diet and you gain the weight that you lost and then some.

For you, the best diet is one that is BALANCED, while reducing calories at the same time. If is important for your to be physically active at least three times a week. You should have a diet that consists of a healthy split of protein, complex carbs, and fat. Your proteins should come from white lean meats, your carbohydrates should comes from vegetables, and your fats should come from fish (or fish oil capsules). You should avoid empty calories because they are a disservice to you, that includes candy, white bread, paste, refined sugars, or anything that’s out of a box from the grocery store. A common question that people have are Can smoothies be helpful in losing weight

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The key, then, is to have a balanced diet mixed with plenty of sleep and excersice. You should split your meals into six meals to keep your metabolism going all day long. If you have three meals now, that doesn’t mean you eat twice as much, that means you eat less per sitting but more often. If you were to consume a good 2,000 full calories per day you’d see yourself lose weight and never grow hungry at the same time. The key thing is to be DEDICATED and unrelenting, while allowing yourself 1 day a week where you can allow yourself a junk meal or two; only if you’ve been clean the entire week.

While some have told you not to count calories, the truth of the matter is that you need to. You need to objectively see how many calories you have consumed because your body does indeed work with these numbers, you won’t get far working on a whim of what feels go as opposed to what actually is good.