Are Smoothies A Healthy Choice?

Yes! smoothies can be healthy! They have fresh fruit which has antioxidants. They are usually made with yogurt which is a good source of calcium. But, beware that some are made with ice cream….non fat frozen yogurt is a much better choice. If you’re making smoothies at home, they are very healthy…and there are so many different fruits to make them with…the possibilities are endless.

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Also if you stick to just fruit based things. No sugar. (smoothies shops use half a cup in each smoothie)
For recipes, ┬ájust buy mixed frozen fruit in a bag at the grocery store, (using frozen fruit gives it better texture) vanilla or plain low-fat yogurt, fruit juice, and ice if you like thicker smoothies. And some people like smoothies that aren’t cold, but that just makes me sick to think about it, slimy mashed up fruit, But you can add amounts that you feel you want. Add some things blend it, taste, and add something else if it doesn’t taste right. You can also buy protein powder then you can substitute a meal for a smoothie. (: hope we helped!