Making tasty snacks without an oven

Did you know there are several varieties of snacks that do not require an oven to bake? If you know the basics, cooking and putting, coming up with tasty snacks and diets is pretty simple. The no-bake snacks are quite advantageous, they save and cut down the amount of time one spends walking down to the grocery store. It is also cost efficient cause it saves time in comparison to purchasing the snacks in bakeries. No bake snacks, the best thing is that most of them do not have to be cooked or baked.

The no-baked tasty snacks are simple and easy to prepare and throw in the bag and bring to work, or even kids carry them to school. Let’s have a close look at some of the snacks you do not require an oven.

  1. Healthy no-bake brownie bites. For those days you might be craving for brownie bites, considering the long list of ingredient. You find it appropriate; a brownie bite treat is made from salty nut mixture, coconut, and sweet chocolate.
  2. No-baked peanut butter pretzel cookies. They are no-baked cookies. Some of its ingredients consist of peanut butter, graham crackers, chocolate, pretzel, and honey.
  3. No-baked espresso cookies. These kinds of cookies are favorites as pick me up cookies during the afternoon. It’s a healthy snack and also vegan, it’s not only simple but also healthy because of the peanut butter. This makes them taste delicious and tangy making them smooth.
  4. Nutella no-baked cookies. The ingredients of these cookies include Nutella, hazelnuts, kosher salt, and butter.
  5. No-baked chocolate macaroons. Due to the chocolate take on. With a single bite, you can tell its delicious taste.
  6. Late night snacksicle, they are candy-filled ice cream. The bar gives them a unique taste-tempting you to have more of the night snacksicle. They are a dream come true for the snack lovers. Although they are quite challenging to prepare, they are defiantly amazing and everyone will enjoy then at home. Ingredients include full- fat coconut milk, vanilla bean paste, pretzels, peanut butter, m&m`s,  Ritz crackers, condensed milk, graham cracker crumbs.

How to Smoke Ribs in an Electric Smoker

If you are new to smoking with an electric smoker, it may be a bit difficult to fully master the act. But it’s not rocket science. Ribs are one of the most common foods you can smoke with the best electric smoker. The following are guidelines that can help you get the best flavor from your smoked ribs.

Preheat the smoker and add woodchips

Start by setting the smoker to a temperature of 2250 F.  This is the right temperature to smoke ribs. Since you are using an electric smoker, this should not be difficult to monitor.

Fill the smoker box with woodchips and the water pan with water. You can go with mesquite and hickory woodchips.

If you want a strong flavored taste, hickory will be great for you. But you can combine it with fruit wood or mesquite to reduce its bitter taste.  If you want your meat to have complete sweet flavor, pecan, maple, apple, and cherry will work just fine.

Prepare the ribs

As the electric smoker preheats, get the ribs ready by removing the membranes. This is to ensure that you correctly flavor the meat with seasonings and spices. Rub them evenly around the meat before placing them on the racks.

Smoke ribs with the right temperature

Place the meat on the racks while the smoker is still on the 2250 F temperature. Keep the meat for about 3 hours. Remove the meat and use an aluminum foil to wrap them. To increase the flavor of the ribs, you can pour a little amount of beer, wine, or apple juice before wrapping with the foil. This will also make the ribs tender when ready. Place the meat in the smoker with the same temperature and wait for another 2 hours.

Finally, take out the ribs and rub each side with BBQ sauce. Then place on the smoker rack for another 1 hour.  By now, the ribs should be ready. Electric smokers come with temperature gauge to assist you when checking the level of heat the ribs have received. You can determine when the meat is fully smoked with the time or by checking with the temperature gauge.

Tips for using the Woodchips:

Although Mesquites and Hickory are the most common woodchips to smoke hard meats like ribs, there are other options that can work well too. But if you are just starting out, stick with these two first. As you gain more experience, you can decide to try out other woodchip combinations.

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